Getting out of the office

“Train to London Paddington, Next Call: Reading.”

Yes, I’m on my way to Reading. I wonder how it compares to the one in PA. But I won’t stop there long enough to find out, as it’s my transfer point to Maidenhead. I woke up an hour earlier than usual today, surprised that the sun was up already and that I actually felt awake, to venture out to our client’s office for some webinar recording. If all goes well, the videos, narrated by my “soothing” voice (well, that was a co-worker’s compliment– I’d describe it more as a manly, monotonous lisp) will be broadcast on the big scary internet. There’s even an app for the site, and I cringe to think of being watched on a phone or tablet.

Well, half-cringe. The other half of me is flattered to take on the task and happy to get out of a typical day in the office. Not that I mind the cubicle lifestyle too much, but it’s great to get a change of pace once in a while. I’m looking out the window at the rolling green countryside: sheep, houses, trees, a bright blue sky. It never stops feeling like I’m dreaming here, really. Except when it rains. And even then…

Switching gears (something I’m still having trouble with on my front derailleur– it might be time to cough up some money for a proper tune-up), the other day I made the mistake of looking at my wedding planning checklist and immediately got overwhelmed. Lists, and big projects, are like that: one task after another, and it all seems to scream at you to get it done. Logically, I know that I have no problem completing a project at a natural yet efficient pace, under the deadline, wondering why I ever worried in the first place. But I have a hard time remembering that when facing something new..

A wedding is pretty new. I decided from the beginning I’d abandon pointless place cards and seating arrangements, “favors” that are never as favorable as intended (Hershey’s Kisses with the couple’s name? Sorry, you just wasted 5 hours putting a sticker on what covers a mediocre piece of chocolate and will inevitably be thrown away), bachelorette/bridal shower plans, matching outfits, etc. And yet, the list looms.

Have I decided where to get folding chairs for the ceremony yet? Exactly how much food do people eat at an appetizer/dessert reception, and how did I decide it’d be a cinch to self-cater a picnic style reception? When will I find shoes and a dress?

Then I get a hold of myself, and remember (like my friend Erika says) that’s it’s more of a “wedding theme party.” No one is going to remember or care about the little details. And like all projects, this will be doable if I stick to a schedule, and don’t peek ahead at what needs to happen 2-3 months from now.

So, aside from some minor wedding stuff, this weekend I’m making it my mission to finally put some more pictures online to entice our friends and family to move here. After all, I can only say “Oxford is awesome, and I never want to leave” so many times before it becomes annoying. Photographs say all of that, and more, in a much classier, more convincing way.



5 thoughts on “Getting out of the office”

  1. Ok first I am quite positive you’ve received many an invitation and at the bottom there was “BYOB”. May I suggest, and I’m quite sincere about this,
    ‘Please bring your own comfortable folding chair’ !!!!!
    Just think about it for a second——-times up do you realize how much time, expense, trouble, frustration, aggravation and xtra-hands you will not need ????
    I am sure among all the friends you’ve acquired over the years one of them surely has mastered “delicious, not to mention eye appealing finger foods–(I for one am in favor of “wings) no waste there, and great with beer, no need of a microwave here.
    Seriously, remember what I told you I am available 24-7 I am great at ordering an organizing. Oh by the by I have a loverly I believe 10×10 tent (like new) God forbid we should need for the bridal party or food or both.
    We can discuss when you get back here. Ok sorry to cut this short but, I am in desperate need of a baby fix so on that note I shall close an jump into my car and go grab the little one before the grandma beats me there, and ah ha
    I have a bag of new nappy’s ready this time. Stay tuned.
    Aunt Nancy

  2. Hi Clea, sorry you haven’t convinced me to move over there; I think my tush is parked in good ole’ Pa Dutch country! But I will enjoy your pictures very much, so please post. Don’t forget that I am available to do whatever needs to be done locally, be it chairs, tents, food, etc. Just holler and I am sure between Aunt Nancy and myself and other family members that we can help you out! I can help make food and/or order food. No problems there. Take care and keep the lovely blogs coming.
    PS Jim and I are waiting for our horses to come in today at the Kentucky Derby; we each bet a big $10 on different horses. So maybe I’ll have big winnings to help you out with the wedding!! LOL

  3. Hi finally got back on line…well guess your mom and Jim did NOT make a killing from the Derby too bad I didn’t hit the lottery either oh well, I keep hearing that little voice. you must work for what you get, yours is waiting elsewhere..darn..sure could use it here.
    Remember the last email I sent told you how “chilly” it had become…well I dug out my Uggs…can’t believe this weather. I keep staring at my sandals and then at my ugly toes and want to go get a pedicure but not until I no-longer have to put my toes into shoes. Well here it is 11:51am and I am still in my Dr.Denton’s…must get dressed and go to Costco.
    Hope Dr. John is over his bronchitis he needs to follow that 24 hour diet travelers follow that eliminates jet-lag. which can lower the immune system….”doesn’t he know anything” where did that boy go to Just ask “aunt Nancy she will tell you….
    Love and hugs

    1. It’s gotten cold again here, too. Feels like winter! John is mostly better…we’ve been going to bed at 10 every night, which I’m sure helps 🙂
      I never win anything, so I don’t bother with lottery/Derby stuff. Better to avoid false hope.

      1. Well true however you can’t win if you don’t play. I don’t play the lottery save my money for ammo when its available. Oh guess we did not get to my new “hobby” target shooting which I truely enjoy. Find it quite relaxing and it helps me with concentration, hand and eye coordination. I however had to join a sportsmens club which has an indoor and outdoor range, took a handgun safety course ( passed with flying colors) and bought a gun, in fact two. Made some new friends and have something to look forward to on Thursday evenings. So this proves the fact one is never too old to learn something new, ta da! Will show you my new “interests” in Sept.
        Take care
        Love and hugs
        Aunt Nancy

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