Bank Holiday Weekend

We have these days designated as Bank Holidays (click to read more– I have a feeling some lovely family member readers are still new to hyperlinks, so I wanted to point out my amazing linking-to-Wikipedia skills just in case it’s missed).

Basically, banks are closed and it’s a public holiday, but you aren’t guaranteed to have off from work. And in fact, many major shops remain open, which makes sense. I mean, what do people do in their spare time? How do they spend a free day? Shopping, of course!

Well, maybe some people like doing that. I’d rather do absolutely nothing, aside from maybe going outside and eating good food. So that’s what I did. I actually ran into a former Drew classmate from my study abroad London experience; she works on a boat and happened to be in Oxfordshire. We caught up and talked about the expat thing, and her life just sounded awesome to me. She’s traveled to so many places, and it seems like things are just working out for her, despite her inability to find the job she prepared for in college. Sound familiar?

I don’t want to brag or turn this into an “if I can dump my career goals and move abroad, you can, too!” pep talk. Because I do realize I’m lucky, and the stars have just aligned a certain way, or whatever stroke of luck happened that saved me from an ordinary life. There have been many times where I’ve wanted to be anyone else, anywhere else, but now I sort of realize that it all led to what I have now, and what I am now. I’m not saying I have a perfect life, by any means, but I will say that I really appreciate what I have and who I am these days. Even if there are (lots of) things to nitpick and distract me from realizing that.

I think part of the secret– and I probably mentioned this before– to avoiding an ordinary life is to throw all sensible plans out the window. Seriously. Nothing ever turns out the way I plan for, so I stopped planning and began doing instead.


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