I’m not dead

…yet. Just busy with wedding stuff, and work stuff. Writing a blog post when I come home or have a free minute is basically the last thing on my mind, so…there you have it.

To be continued, with a much better update!


3 thoughts on “I’m not dead”

  1. Ok – so what are your 3 most favorite UK things and 3 most frustrating… Hope radio 4 and Waitrose feature in the first…

    1. I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t listened to radio 4. Waitrose does make it into the top 3, mainly for the free cappucino I get every time I visit. #2: the scenery (is that cheating?), #3: the food (seriously! It’s pricier, but better quality and abundant).

      3 most frustrating: the salaries (ha), the technology (cell phone reception leaves much to be desired), the humor…er, humour. Nope, Monty Python is still not funny.

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