Oxford, Lately

It’s been a little while since I’ve written, but not for lack of intention. Every night I’ll think, “I really should write this down somewhere,” followed by “but I’ve been in front of a computer all day” and finally “nah, I’ll remember it.”

Of course, I don’t.

But today’s the day– the day where I happen to have an hour or so of train time with no book to read (too lazy to download books onto my iPad– sad, but true) and no Wi-Fi connection to draw my attention to more pointless pursuits, e.g. finding the perfect julienne peeler on Amazon. (It took 20 minutes, but arrives Friday!)

I brought a half-liter of coffee with me today, but knew it wouldn’t be enough. 5 minutes before the train departure time, I grabbed a large cappuccino to go, and my body is thanking me for thinking ahead. I was so excited to go to bed when it was still light outside at 9:30, and then I realized that I didn’t do any of my freelance work that was due that afternoon (American afternoon, I was still on time!)

So, my brain isn’t fully awake yet. I normally wake up 25 minutes from now. And that’s why, without a proper introduction or logical organization whatsoever, I present to you, 5 readers, some highlights that I might want to remember one day.

1. My typical pancakes + yoga Saturday morning last weekend was even better than usual. Actually, the recipe flopped (a gooey mess salvageable as crepes) and the class was mediocre, but my trip afterward to the covered market was a success. A sales pitch from the produce guy charmed me into buying the smallest £2 Pakistani mango (or something like that). Totally worth it. And I tried wild garlic for the first time, mainly because it basically looks like a dainty white flower with long, elegant leaves. You can eat the whole thing, stem to tip, and I found it highly amusing to tell John, “OMG, eat this flower!” and kiss him with my garlic breath. Tip: great in arugula salads.

2. The only consolation for post-vacation woes (aside from the cats) was hopping on my bike again, which I did promptly upon returning home, to pick up some sustenance at the co-op. It’s clearly the superior mode of transportation, as much as I do like to walk (and run). I kind of hated biking in Philly, and never identified the root of my reluctance until I moved here. I thought I hated biking itself, because I’m slow and like to whine about the slightest burning sensation in my leg muscles, but it turns out I actually only hated biking in Philly. Maybe that makes me a snob, but you really can’t argue that the scenery is just nicer here. I’m still loving my 40 miles per week commute, and actually find myself making additional trips just because I can.

3. Our 387 sq. ft. walls were starting to close in on us, so John and I rearranged the living room. Basically, we were embarrassed by our neighbor’s comment that we were “living like students,” because we’ve done that for most of our lives, so we decided to keep the bikes outside (need to buy a chain soon!) and squeeze the two-seater sofa into the conveniently two-seater sofa-shaped entryway. I measured the space and was sure we wouldn’t be able to open the door all the way, but apparently using a tape measure is not part of my skill set. It fits! And the room looks much bigger now. I also found a way to open our window without Zora jumping out (it involves using shelf liner as a makeshift screen), so we can finally circulate some air for more than 5 minutes (when she’d typically find a way out and we’d close the window in defeat).


One thought on “Oxford, Lately”

  1. Hummmm suggestion, or thought I’m trying to picture your window in my mind an how you can get air flow without Zora trying to escape. Now being a past cat owner I know they love to jump, so did you try closing the bottom window and dropping the upper window down about half way at first to give it a try. Don’t know if you need screening in your windows but you can make it work on the top as well as it did on the bottom??? Just a thought. As nanny Goose use to say ” nesessity is the mother of invention. Anyway let me know what you figure out besides putting a lesh on Zora so she can only go so far.
    Aunt Nancy

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