Back to Winter




I really don’t want to become one of those people who constantly complains about English weather, but here I am. In the past week, Mummy Nature decided to take a few steps backwards and give us some hail, thunder, rain, and wind. Sometimes a combination of all of the above. Mostly just wind, and a little rain.

It’s not the wetness or coldness that bothers me, really. It’s that we were promised spring, and all of its companions: barbecues, sandals, skirts, sunglasses. I was even getting ready to switch from hot drinks to iced. And now it’s been yanked away from me, and I feel justified in whining about it.

But just a little bit. Because at 1:10 AM on Saturday morning, I’m boarding a bus from Headington (is Starbucks open at 1 AM?) to Stanstead, then killing a few hours (maybe finishing my freelance work, at the last minute as always?), then taking a delightfully short flight to Nuremberg. 10 days in Germany, 10 days without partner programme phone calls, 10 days without vacuuming cat hair and doing dishes and drinking too much coffee (just kidding, I’ll still do that last one). Again, I don’t mind dishes, cat hair, sales calls, but we all need a break once in a while.

So I should probably think of 10 things to do in my 10 days. Here’s a rough draft:

1. Stock up on household products/tea tree oil at DM.

2. Bratwurst, brezen, Milka schokolade, lachs, pfannkuchen, semmelknoedel, all-you-can-eat sushi in the basement of a department store (Woehrl), schnitzel, gelbwurst. Sorry vegetarian friends!

3. Find the neighborhood stray, Blackie.

4. Get a haircut at Kaufland, the grocery store. Yep.

5. Stare at old family photographs, marveling that at one time, I was little. And so was my mom. My mom was a baby at one point. Why does this seem so bizarre to me– that our parents had lives before us?

6. Coffee Fellows

7. Schloss Neu Schwhatever-it’s-called.

8. Childhood friends!

9. Spend time with family (okay, before you yell at my, this list is not organized by priority).

10. Run with John along the Alter Kanal (for that matter, also: not run with John, be next to John and sigh with first-crush-like bliss that I’m going to marry my best friend in a few months, etc.)


2 thoughts on “Back to Winter”

  1. Wow your 10 days sound alot like my 10 days with one exception, I don’t have to vaccum cat hair, (thank God) don’t misunderstand, I love cats, it’s just I cannot deal with the hair all over the the place, in fact, I cannot deal with human hair all over the place, therefore the reason my hair is so short. Hair should be on the head, not on the floor, basin, etc…how did this conversation get so far away… you were saying. it’s not long now that the wedding is approaching and fun days ahead. I have already started doing the good weather dance, so that should be one thing off your list.
    As for the weather going backwards, here it is, May 17, and the temperature is 56 degrees. ummmm wonder if I should wear crops and sandals today or jeans and sneakers…(having lunch with Barbara and Julie) hoping it will warm up…on that note, need to jump in shower.
    Give our Dr. and huge hug for me, I know it will be a task, but you can do it, and have him give you one from me. See you in approx. 4 short months.
    Love and kisses,
    Aunt Nancy

    1. Thanks for the good weather dance! I’m sure it will pay off. Have a nice weekend! And no worries, I’ll be sure to hug/kiss/inappropriately grope the Dr.

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