Brunch for One

Brunch for One

Some people thrive on independence, solitary space, me-time, being alone—and then there are those who collapse into mild panic at the notion. I think it goes a little beyond introversion and extraversion; our comfort with having time to ourselves depends on our current mood, outlook, and level of motivation.

There are times where I need company—to drag myself out of a funk, or get out of my own head, or just to reaffirm that I’m a real person and have both feet on the ground. As funny as that sounds, I’m kind of a daydreamer, and tend to get lost if I don’t have someone anchoring me to reality.

My anchor is in Utah right now for a Physics conference, oddly enough at the same ski lodge where my dad worked once. Luckily, today is one of those days where I like being alone. I was wide awake when he left at 8 am, but then I turned on a geeky podcast (on how nutrition affects our skin, hair, teeth) and fell right back to sleep. Too bad, because I could’ve learned something.

Anyway, I woke up hours later, after a series of bad dreams involving a fictitious heroine hiding from her murderous husband who started killing the whole family (don’t worry, she joined in on the killing eventually and was the only one standing at the end). The dreams confirm that I definitely have a cold, if my runny nose and mannish voice weren’t strong enough indications. Bizarre dreams are the ultimate diagnosis.

I decided I should get out of bed, since it was 1:30 in the afternoon, although Zora didn’t like that idea. Yep, she cuddles with me under the blanket—my little purring spoon. It’s sickeningly cute.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted savory or sweet, pancakes or eggs, so I came up with something seriously blog-worthy. I might have to make this all week. It’s basically crepe batter, the way my Oma taught me how to make it, but poured into one thick, flappable pancake-omelet hybrid. Whatever you call it, it’s delicious.

Give me a title, someone.

2 large eggs

2 Tablespoons flour (I used Sainsbury’s gluten-free mix)

Splash of whole milk (maybe ¼ cup—you want the batter to be thick, but pourable)

–       Thoroughly mix the ingredients above. I just cracked my eggs into one of those blender bottle things, and shook it all up. Worked like a charm!

–       Heat large non-stick pan to medium-high. Add butter. When a drop of water is flicked onto the pan and it sizzles, it’s ready. Pour in all of the batter.

–       When the edges are dry and the crepe no longer looks liquidy on top, flip it.

–       Cook other side on medium for another minute or two, just until the eggs set.

Now the fun part- fillings! I spread on some “soft cheese” (cream cheese), sliced avocado, and cooked bacon (“back rashers,” which shrivel up more than my beloved “streaky bacon,” but which are equally tasty). Salt and pepper. I rolled it up, and topped with a little honey (the opaque, creamy kind, please). And maybe some bacon grease, if we’re being honest.

The rest of the day has gone by quickly. I got a package in the mail from my mom: a birthday card and some gorgeous earrings that I’m wearing now. I cleaned the whole house, including wiping down the messy kitchen, fridge, bathroom, surfaces, etc. Vacuumed—or should I say hoovered? They call vacuums “hoovers” here. Drank PG Tips with coconut milk. Organized all of our clothes. I really like cleaning, but I realize I’m probably putting most people to sleep.

I needed to get some fresh air (even though I can’t smell much today), so I walked into Headington and put my new Waitrose membership card to good use. It’s sort of like Whole Foods—overpriced and basically like a toy store to me. I signed up for a free membership card basically for the promised cup of coffee with each visit, and was delighted to find out that I can get coffee, a latte, or a cappuccino (I opted for the last one). I can see myself seriously abusing that privilege. Since it’s my birthday on Monday, I also stocked up on Lindt dark chocolate (one bar with blueberries, and one with sea salt).

Now I’m in Starbucks, and it’s closing soon, so I’d better pack up. The rest of the night will include marathoning season 6 of Dexter, homemade pizza, and more hot beverages. All in all, a decent me-time Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Brunch for One”

  1. Title: Oma’s Flapable Pancake-Omlet
    How’s that grab you….ok….if one wants to just make crepes how much milk does one use, in otherwords, how much is a “splash”.
    I LOVE crepes and want to attempt to make them also if one does not have a crepe pan what can one use in place of it.
    Also when does your other half get back, hummm this traveling around does not make the “auntie” happy of course flying does not make auntie happy, but if you want to get from a to b you in certain circumstances have to board a plane. I realize it is nothing for either of you two to do. Oh well Ka sera sera. or however you spell it.
    Thank heavens you have the kitties to cuddle with.(still not John)
    Love and hugs,
    Aunt Nancy

    1. I like the title! I’ve found (through lots of experimentation and failed crepes) that it’s best to keep the “splash” of milk light…just a tiny bit. You don’t just want the crepe to be flour and egg, though. The way my grandma taught me, is 2 eggs per person, a tablespoon of flour per egg used, and…then she lost me on the milk. But I don’t think it was much!

      I don’t have a crepe pan (just found out those actually exist), so I just use a non-stick skillet. Probably a smaller one would work better (larger crepes tend to fall apart more easily), but I only have a 12″ pan. Make sure your pan is hot and greased, then lift it up into the air and pour in about 1/4 cup of batter. Swirl the pan around to get a circular, thin shape…then set it back down on the stovetop, obviously ;-). Let me know how it works out if you give it a try. I made a few extras this morning and am going to see how well they reheat tomorrow.

      John gets back next Friday; the cats are decent company (Wiggles is making it difficult to type, though. He’s on my lap right now, purring up a storm). I’ll be busy with work all week, so I’m sure time will fly by. And speaking of flying, plane rides never bother me– it’s the airport hassles that prevent me from flying more than I already do.

    1. Which photo? The one in my header? That’s actually a shark popping out of a house (or, crashing into one, really). Look up “Headington shark” to read all about the biggest celebrity in our neighborhood.

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